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Sustainable development - E3D


Since we have defined the Projeto de Estabelecimento (School Project) in 2014, all members of our community adopted an attitude of global reflexion and started actions with the goal of making our school environmentally responsible.

It was within CESC (Comité de Educação para a Saúde e para a Cidadania – Education Committee for Health and Citizenship) that the works concerning the Sustainable Development were carried out. The creation of the Conselho Eco-escola (Eco-school Council) allowed us to streamline in particular the environmental level.

In 2015, the Associação Bandeira Azul (Blue Flag Association) granted us the Eco-Escola (Eco-School) certificate and, since then, we proudly present the Bandeira Verde (Green Flag) at the entrance of our school.

Thanks to the commitment of the whole school community (with parents very much involved in the project, thanks to the real commitment of the eco-delegates, together with the support of our partners), sustainable development became part of everybody’s daily life, and, very often, goes beyond our school.

Our projects and actions:

  • follow four main themes:
    • Energy and consumables
    • Biodiversity
    • Sorting and recycling of waste
    • Cooperative citizen behaviour
  • use three main tools
    • Reviews and studies of internal situations: consumption, waste, behaviours;
    • Dissemination of knowledge by professionals and experts, through conferences, discussions, visits;
    • Training and workshops,

and allow the involvement of everyone and are carried out by Grupos de Ação (Action Groups), regularly, during the year.

Thanks to all the actions taken by the school in 2018 we were awarded the "Academic Labeling E3D* Level 2" (School and Institution working towards sustainable development).

The E3D at LFIP

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The Bandeira Verde (Green Flag) – 1st recognition as Escola Eco-Responsável (Environmentally Responsible School)

After having obtained the Bandeira Verde Eco-Escola (Eco-School Green Flag) (Nov. 14), granted by the Associação Bandeira Azul da Europa (European Blue Flag Association), LFIP became an environmentally responsible school. It was with great joy that the entire team of the Grupo Eco-Escola (Eco-School Group) witnessed the flag hoisting with Mr. Panthène representing the Director of AEFE.


The kitchen garden of the pre-school students
Since 2014, the pre-school students have specific locations to grow and  strawberries, flowers, carrots, peppers, radish, cabbage, lettuce, mint, melissa.

The ELA Dictation

As volunteers working for Associação ELA (for fighting leukodystrophy), the LFIP students took part, in December 2014, on the ELA Dictation. This year we were honoured with the presence of the French Ambassador in Portugal and of the Oporto City Mayor who dictated the text to the students.


The Christmas Charity Concert gathers, every year, the choirs of the Oporto private schools and the amount obtained is donated to some of the city’s associations.)

The Collection for the Emmaüs Association, in December 2016, made it possible to fill a truck and offer its content to the association’s voluntary workers.

Operation Clean Beachin March 2017, gathered the Senior School students in one of Oporto’s beaches to take part in a  cleaning operation

The Charity Race gathers all students of the LFIP: Pre-school students run on our playground, 2nd to 4th year students run in Parque de Serralves (a close neighbour of our school) and 5th to 12th year students run in Parque da Cidade (Oporto’s green lung). The symbolic participation fee is donated to an association. Check out some images of the 2017 race in Parque da Cidade

The Mercado de Natal (Christmas Market) is already a well-established tradition. On a Saturday afternoon, the whole school community gets together for the sale of new (prepared for the occasion, among others, by those who join the lunchtime workshops, under the guidance of the students’ parents) or second-hand objects. The amount collected is always donated to an association (which helps or supports children).
To see some reminders of the 2017 market, click on the image.


The visit to LIPORat the end of January 2018, allowed the Eco-delegates and the relevant staff to receive new training about tri-recycling and to visit the sorting area of the centre. To see the slideshow, click on the image.

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