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Marmothèque - BCD


The Marmothèque – BCD (Library Document Centre) is a specific place for familiarisation with the book and its various functions.  It allows the habit of reading to develop from an early age, establishing, therefore, a first cultivation of literature. 

It is a time of encounters and exchange...

“We learn to know when a book is contented and when it is sad.  It is sad when we tear it up and is contented when we turn its pages.”
The Marmothèque – BCD is the library accessible to the primary school students once a week:

  • Cycle 1 (Little Section/3 years, Middle Section/4 years, and Big Section/5 years), for  parents to come and read a story to their children;
  • Cycle 2 (CP/1st year, and CE1/2nd year) to develop educational activities around childrens books, 
  • Cycle 3 (CE2/3rd-CM2/5th), to propose activities of document research

The collection is available to the network, and the students can take out books beginning from MS. 

The BCD is also open between 12:45 and 13:30 for those students who can read, use language to express themselves, understand, reflect and to prepare presentations, if they wish.

Contact : Beatriz Clément