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Comparison of French and Portuguese Systems

The French and Portuguese Education Systems

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A high standard of instruction, thorough and well-respected internationally

  • A curriculum approved by both the French and Portuguese Ministries of Education
  • A comprehensive generalist education up to the awarding of the final diploma: the Baccalaureate
  • The Baccalaureate is recognised the world over and grants access to higher education in France, Portugal and around the world
  • Mastery of 4 languages at the conclusion of the course (French, Portuguese, English and either German or Spanish)
  • An English European Section with a deepening of the English language in Life and Earth Sciences and in Economics and Social Sciences.
  • An emphasis on teaching the language and history of Portugal 

Our Goal

To help the student create his own path in life

Our Method

  •  A progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills
  • An academic environment which instills an appetite for continuous learning 
  • Group work which fosters interaction and values the contribution of each individual
  • Development of a critical mind and knowledge of oneself, so each student is in control of his own learning
  • Classroom activities which mirror real life (observation, control, creation, inquiry, sharing) and involve and empower the students

Our Advantages

  • A unique world-wide network 
  • A detailed knowledge of each student and truly individualised guidance

Our Objective

To create citizens of the world, open-minded and flexible

Our Methodology

Through a demanding and intelligent curriculum, all activities in a wide range of areas are relevant and support learning (classes, field trips, sport, arts, health education and citizenship, extra-curricular activities)

Our Advantages

  • A beautiful natural environment for the school community
  • A cultural diversity which facilitates learning, communication, mutual respect and understanding

Positioning Post Bac

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