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Board of Administration

Administrative Dynamics

The LFIP is linked to the world-wide network of AEFE (The Agency for French Education Abroad) according to a Convention.  The recognition of the LFIP by the AEFE as an establishment of French education affirms the LFIP’s conformance with the programs, educational objectives and fundamental principles of public education in France.

The LFIP is managed financially by the Association Marius Latour – LFIP, an independent non-profit organisation.

The Board of Administration (CA) is the executive body of the Association Marius Latour-LFIP, which has the financial and legal responsibility of the Institution.

The CA meets to debate and make decisions on material, financial and strategic management.  It ensures the continuity of the functioning of the LFIP in close connection with the Directors.  The CA also takes part in all the major non-scholastic matters of the LFIP, in particular human resources and the management of the property.


  • President:  Didier Cabanes
  • Vice-President : Serge Leblanc
  • Secretary : Carla Rodrigues Ribeiro
  • Treasurer : Jorge Basto
  • Vice-Treasurer : Laurence Didillon


President :