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Overview of Professional Orientation Education

What is Professional Orientation Education?

The educational path for professional orientation should allow each student from the 6th to the 12th year:

  • Understand the economic and professional world, together with the different professions and types of training
  • Develop a sense of commitment and initiative;
  • Create his or her plan for scholastic and professional orientation.




Principal Professor /Form Director (PP)

as often as necessary


Internship at a firm

3 days in April 

4e (8th year)

Professions Forum

an afternoon in March

3e (9th year) and 2de (10th year)

  • Personalised coaching
  • Training in Research

as often as necessary

beginning in 6e (6th year)

Professions Forum (Lisboa)

two days in January

1ère (11th year)

Individual meetings

as often as necessary

3e, 1ère, Tle (9th, 11th, 12th years)

Fore more information :

Who are the primary counsellors at the LFIP, in terms of professional orientation?

The orientation service supports the students throughout the school year and is available to families for individual meetings.
The primary counsellors are the principal teachers, the Psychologist Guidance Counselor COP (Ms. Julie Gérard), the Resource Person in Information and Guidance PRIO (Ms. Sandrine Remelgado), the Director, ... 


What are the major stages in Professional Orientation Education?

We can suggest, by way of example, a few objectives and activities for each stage in the course of a student at the Lycée Français International de Porto:

Cycle 3 – Cycle of Consolidation

  • 6th Year - Imagine/ Project  
    • Organize research together with colleagues;
    • Make a self-portrait : knowledge of oneself and another ;
    • Make a poster/a video …« Where will I be, and what will I be doing ten years from now? ».

Cycle 4 – Cycle of Enrichment

  • 7th year - Question/Present
    • Research a profession ;
    • Carry out a questionnaire ;
    • Present a profession, using numerical support, before a panel.
  • 8th year – Integrate Oneself/Take Stock
    • Serve an observation internship in a firm ;
    • Take stock of the personal experience of the internship ;
    • Present the internship experience orally and in writing.
  • 9th Year – Gather /Discuss
    • Participate in the Professions Forum;
    • Discuss the inequalities in the the world of work ;
    • Gather information about the course for senior school.



  • 10th year - Discover/Organize
    • Visit firms ;
    • Study the sectors of activity and meet with representatives of those professions;
    • Learn about the types of Baccalaureat;
    • Become familiar with AGORA (Platform for sharing between alumni of Lycées Francaises in foreign countries).
  • 11th year - Share/Reflect
    • Participate in personalised orientation meetings  ;
    • Participate in the Professions Forum for Higher Education in Lisbon ;
    • Become familiar with the portal Parcoursup (Portail National des Admissions dans l’Enseignement Supérieur).
  •  12th Year – Make Decisions/Organise Oneself
    • Participate in personalised orientation meetings ;
    • Understand the procedures of orientation for Portuguese and international education;
    • Participate in open houses for education, in France or other countries;
    • Finalise the process for Parcoursup and/or for entering Portuguese higher education.


What are the tools?
Coherent Projects

But, those responsible for the orientation service are not limited to providing information in the area of professional orientation.  They seek, above all, to put into practice coherent projects which allow them to coach the students not only in scholastic disciplines but also, on a broader scale, which bring together the entire school community (from local to international).

A few examples :

  • Join the Committe for School Life (CVL)
  • Participate in programs of international exchange
  • Participate in subject matter competitions (such as "Maths en Jeans")
  • Participate in solidarity projects
  • etc…

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