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Overview of the Collège

The Junior School marks the students’ entrance to the secondary education

Teachers of French  6
Teachers of Portuguese 5
Teachers of English  4
Teachers of German  2
Teachers of Spanish  2
Teachers of Mathematics  6
Teachers of History and Geography  5
Teachers of SVT 2
Teachers of Physics and Chemistry  4
Teachers of Arts  2
Teachers of Physical and Sports Education 4
Teachers of Music 1
Teachers of Technology 1

The Junior School permits each student to develop their competencies and to express their potential, bearing in mind the specific requirements for the French national diploma (“Brevet”).

Various measurements allow a personalised assistance to all the students from the 6th to the 9th year.  Beginning in the 7th year, the EPI (practical interdisciplinary education) is put into practice, within the scope of the programs of each discipline.

The Junior School is organised in 4 levels, from the 6th to 9th year, and they are structured in educational cycles.  The 6th year is part of the 3rd Cycle, and the 7th, 8th and 9th years constitute the 4th Cycle.

There are three educational tracks which make up the “common base of knowledge and competencies” (a combination of elements necessary for the student to succeed in school and in his or her life both as individual and as future citizen):

  • The Educational and Cultural Path permits the creation of a cultural patrimony;
  • The development of a project of vocational orientation of students is done in the course of the Professional Orientation Path;
  • The Path of Citizenship incents civic initiatives and behaviours of our students, turning them into responsible and tolerant adults.