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Overview of the Élémentaire

Cycle of Fundamental Learning (Cycle 2)

Teachers of French 20
Teachers of Portuguese  6
Teachers of English  3

This is the moment in which basic skills are formed:  speaking, reading, writing, and counting. These are the basis of school success.

7 Spheres of Activity :

  • Command of language and of the French and Portuguese languages.
  • Learning to read and write is the main objective of Cycle 2.
  • Mathematic and scientific education:  The teacher creates conditions, by means of an activity, to arouse the curiousity of the students and incite them to pursue an investigation.
  • Discover the world:  Each one learns to place him or her self within a horizon greater than that of the school, the neighbourhood, the community, France, Europe and the world...
  • English (beginning with CP/1st Year):  The student enriches his bilingualism by learning English, the universal language of communication.
  • Artistic Education: Artistic education involves three types of activity: recreational practice, encountering works, working on techniques.  The objective is to enrich the capacities for expression and sensibility.
  • Physical Education and Sports:  The student creates his repertoire of motor skills, consisting of fundamental motor actions: movements, balance, handling and reception of objects.

Cycle of Development (Cycle 3)

The student transforms knowledge into intellectual tools which permit him or her to teach himself, to build solid experiences, to cultivate himself :  the student is no longer dependent on the constant coaching of the teacher.  The student consolidates his autonomy.