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School Year

Besides our regular school program, we offer our students extracurricular activities which allow them to develop skills in specific fields, give free rein to their creativity, enhance personal skills, and even discover new gifts.

Extracurricular activities contribute for educational attainment, for the children’s full development and for sustaining learning programs, while involving professionals from several fields such as dancing, music, acting, visual arts, yoga, sports, science, etc.

These recreational, cultural and sport activities are suited for the children’s age and respect their basic needs and their physical, moral, and emotional safety. They are designed as leisure time for the children, aiming to stimulate their development, and they are conducted in specific places which allow the children to develop autonomy and learn how to live together as a community.

Extracurricular activities are organised around 4 learning topics:

  • Artistic and cultural education: dancing, acting, music, painting, sculpture, visual arts, cinema-photography, puppetry, manual arts, cake design, yoga, mandala, and chess.
  • Science education: Sciences, Robotics.
  • Physical education: Football, handball, basketball, body language, table tennis, skating, judo, karate, capoeira, and swimming.
  • elcome and study: Welcome, help with homework and monitoring of study.

Enrolment conditions

  • The enrolment for the EAs can only be made by the students’ parents, using the 


        platform, except for the enrolment for music related activities which must be made using the following e-mail address:

  • The enrolment for the extracurricular activities (EAs) must be made within the time limit set forth.
    Such time limit will be indicated by the person in charge of the EAs.
  • After the end of the time limit for enrolment using the EDUKA platform, any enrolment request or enrolment cancellation may only be made to the person in charge of the EAs, by e-mail:
  • The enrolment for the extracurricular activities (EAs) requires the full acceptance of these regulations.
  • The students will remain enrolled, for one month, on the activity or activities for which they have enrolled. 
  • The enrolment cancellations for the EAs on a given month must be made until the 15th day of the previous month. Example: the enrolment cancellation for an EA taking place in November can only be made until the 15th of October.

For adults and students outside the LFIP, sign-up should be made with the person responsible for extracurricular activities (Mrs Sissi Aubert)

Entries for shared or individual instrument activities are made exclusively by email at the following address:


  • The payment of the EAs’ invoices must be made every month and in advance. 
  • The fee for the activities includes a 25% discount after the enrolment in two activities and a 50% discount after the third activity. The discounts apply to the activities with the lowest fees.
  • There are no discounts for the music-related activities and for the welcome service


  • Daycare hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 4:35 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday: 11:45 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • In the case of activities taking place after 16h45, or on Wednesday afternoon, parents must pick up their children during the 20 minutes period after the end of the EAs. If the parents have not arrived after the 20 minutes period, the welcome service will be automatically invoiced.
  • On Wednesday, it is mandatory that students who have lunch at home and attend an activity in the afternoon arrive at school 15 minutes before the activity starts.
  • Regarding EAs taking place during school holidays, it is mandatory that parents leave the children at LFIP 15 minutes before the activity starts and pick them up during the 20 minutes period after the end of the activity, at the latest.
  • It is not possible to leave the children after the activity starts; in this case, the children will not be admitted to the activity and will be returned to the parents. In this case, there will be no refund.
  • Also, it is not possible to pick up the child before the EAs end. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the child will not the able to enrol again on the EAs taking place during school holidays.
  • On Wednesdays, the school transport service runs only at 12:50; this service is identical to that which runs at the end of the day the rest of the week
    There will not be any other special service at lunch time or at the end of the afternoon.

Contact and coordination

The Activity Coordinator is Mrs Sissi Aubert.
For any additional information, please contact her: