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School Year

In addition to classes, we also offer our students extracurricular activities, which will give free rein to their imagination and/or help to discover new talents.

These activities, which will be under the care of professionals recognised for the quality of their work, will run during:

  • the school year: at the end of the day after 17:00 (Junior and Senior schools) and 16:50 (Pre-School and Primary school) and Wednesday afternoons
  • During the holidays.


  • Tutored study, help with homework, football and chorus are reserved solely for the students of LFIP;
    The sign-ups will be made on-line, via the portal EDUKA.


  • Choral group: the sign-up is made directly with Isabel Girão.
  • For adults and students outside the LFIP, sign-up should be made with the person responsible for extracurricular activities (Mrs Sissi Aubert)

Each activity, according to its type, has a limited number of participants.  The sign-ups are valid according to the date of sign-up.
Each activity can only run if it has a minimum number of participants.

The student can only begin to attend the activity the day after the sign up payment has been made.

Contact and coordination

The Activity Coordinator is Mrs Sissi Aubert.
For any additional information, please contact her.


  • Payment for these extracurricular activities should be made to the secretary.
  • For those activities which run throughout the school year, the participant should make payment for the registration and in the months of September and June (in case of discontinuing, the payment will not be refunded).

Any failure to attend the activities should be communicated in writing and will be subject to careful scrutiny.


  • The child should arrive at the school at the scheduled time for the start of the activity. 
  • In case the student is at the school prior to the start of the activity, he or she can stay in the “garderie” (the after-school care facility), subject to the usual fees for this service.
  • On Wednesdays, the school transport service runs only at 12:50; this service is identical to that which runs at the end of the day the rest of the week
  • There will not be any other special service at lunch time or at the end of the afternoon.