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The school Exchange system ADN-AFE

Two students, two schools, two countries, one experience…



The ADN AEFE offers 10th year students the opportunity to attend, through an exchange program, one period of the school year in another school of the network which, like the LFIP, participates in this mobility project.

Thus, students have the chance, by living for several weeks in a different family, school, cultural and linguistic environment, to further enhance their educational career, while continuing their schooling.

Why the name ADN-AEFE?

This project has the name ADN-AEFE because the open approach and the will of sharing is part of the trademark of the network of French schools all over the world.

The acronym also refers to the explorer Alexandra David-Néel.

Concerned students

10th year voluntary students

  • who are mature enough to adapt themselves to a new environment and who are willing to carry out the open cultural and linguistic project,
  • because, at this level, students do not have exams, which makes it easier to carry out the exchange.

Schools which participate on the project,

166 schools of the AEFE teaching network, spread around the world, and ten schools in France.

Program in a school environment

The students

have the opportunity to carry on their studies, during the Exchange weeks, in another school, in another country.

There are two students and they are welcomed by the families.

  • “Formule Solo”: the two students meet each other;
  • “Formule Duo”: each student receives the other student on his/her house and they both attend the same school, first the school of one student, then the one of the other student.

A person selected for the ADN project

Besides the Director and the educational teams follows up, on each school, all the stages of the student’s project, from his/her application to his/her return to the respective school.

The families

Pay for and organize the trip of their student and accommodate his/her counterpart

Application for the project

The parents of the 10th year students who wish to know more about this project must contact the deputy director and the person selected for ADN by the LFIP, Paulo Fernandes