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History of the LFIP

Two patrons who never met, but were united by a passion for French culture, permitted the LFIP to see the light of day.

  • Marius Latour, an engineer based in Canada, working with the Canadian Pacific Railways, gave the funds for the construction.
  • Carlos Alberto Cabral – The Count of Vizela, a textile industrialist from the north of Portugal and the owner of the House of Serralves, donated the land for the construction of the school.

Thanks to these contributions, the Francophile community of Porto was able, 60 years ago, to organise the start of the construction of the “French School of Porto”

20 March 1959
Approval of the statutes of the Association of the French School of Porto (Foundation Marius Latour)

27 April 1959 
First meeting of the General Assembly of the 29 founding Associates, for the election of the first governing bodies:

  • General Assembly:
    • President - Dr. Vasco Mourão;
    • Vice President - Mme Renée Dufour Araújo;
    • First Secretary – M. Emile Henry.;
    • Second Secretary – Dr. Antoine Beyer; 
  • Comission for the Review of Accounts: - M. Jean Courteille. - M. Paul Roumieu. - M. Charles Jandot. 
  • Board of Administration :
    • President: M. Roland Deforeit.
    • Vice President : M. René Touzet ( representante do Eng.o Marius Latour);
    • General Secretary : M. Maurice Villemur (Director do Instituto Francês do Porto);
    • Treasurer : M. René Bamdé.;
    • Adjunct Treasurer: M. Charles Klein ;
    • Board Member: Mme. Jeanne Janou;
    • Board Member : M. Félix Marchand. 

24 August 1959
Donation by the His Excellency the Count of Vizela to the Association of 2284 square metres of land, situated on the Avenida da Boavista on the corner with the 2nd Private Road of the Castelo do Queijo, in the parish of Nevogilde (documentation of the donation in the 3rd Notarial Register’s Office of Porto on the 19th of May, 1967).

28 August 1959 :
Donation by the engineer Marius Latour in the amount of CDN$ 75,000 (Canadian National Bank – Montreal)

25 January 1960: 
Purchase of land (14,826 square metres) situated on the Gil Eanes Road.

26 April 1960
Swap with the Municipal Authority of Porto of the land situated on the Avenida da Boavista on the corner with the 2nd Private Road of the Castelo do Queijo, in the parish of Nevogilde, for another parcel, situated on the Gil Eanes Road, a municipal property with 1835 square metres and bordering the land already acquired (documentation of the swap in the private notarial records of Municipal Authority of Porto on 10th of March, 1969).

26 April 1960: 
The choice of three architects – Luís Cunha, Manuel Marques de Aguiar and Carlos Carvalho Dias – associates of the Architect Robert Auzelle, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Reconstruction in Paris and an urban planner for the City of Porto.

October 1962: 
Opening of the Pre-School, temporarily housed at the French Consulate.

30  October 1963: 
Formal inauguration of the French School of Porto by his Excellency the Ambassador of France in Lisbon – M. De Beauverger.

28  March 1979
After the revolution of 25 April 1974 and post-revolutionary period, the French School gained new vitality with the first mandate of M. Serge Leblanc as the President of the Board of Administration.

October 1982 : 
Opening of the Preparatory School.

31 August 1991:
First convention established with the AEFE.

29 November 1995 :
Beginning of the process of expanding the schooling at the French School of Porto up to the level of Junior School, and along with this, preparations for the construction of a new building.  At this date the number of students grew to 475.

1 October 1999 : 
Inauguration of the Junior School building in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of France in Lisbon – M. Pierre Brochand and of Senator Habert of the National Association of French Schools Abroad.

2009 : 
Construction of a new entrance to the Junior School.

Construction of the welcome pavilion.

2011 : 
First students receive the Baccalaureate.

2012 : 
Inauguration of a new building for the Primary School and the Cafeteria in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of France in Lisbon – M. Teixeira da Silva.

2014 : 
The French School of Porto officially renames itself the Lycée Français International de Porto (LFIP).

2015/2016 : 
The number of students passed 1000.

Inauguration of the Cafeteria

Inauguration of the extension of building D, which made it possible to create four classrooms (one of which was a laboratory) as well as a new teachers'room, work and to which a renovation of the amphitheater was added.


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