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Higher Education

Higher Education

Our students have access to all the Portuguese universities (see under Downloads “National Commission for Access to Higher Education”, especially 17226 – 17228).

Access to higher education in Portugal: the choice of our students who complete the Baccalaureate




Access to studies in Portugal after the Baccalaureate


1. Entrance Exams (Exams for admission to University)

The entrance exams are Portuguese exams which the different universities require (as a general rule, 1 or 2 exams per course).  The admission exams are specific to each course and each institution.

The site Direção Geral do Ensino Superior can be consulted by area of study, by district or by university.

These exams allow the student to obtain, with the average marks from 10th, 11th and 12th years, a form for application to enter the different faculties (cf. the formula for calculating the final mark).

2. Can the entrance exams be replaced by the scores of the Baccalaureate?

The entrance exams can be replaced by the scores obtained in the Baccalaureate according to this conversion chart.
All the universities in Portugal accept the scores of the BAC to replace the entrance exams.

3. Calendar

The exams are held, in general, between the end of the month of June and the middle of the month of July




The pre-application is completed on line, on the site of the Ministry of Education

>> Being assigned a pre-application number to use for the final application in July.


The request for equivalency is made together with the Lycée Français via the form “Equivalent foreign education basic and secondary. Request.”

The equivalency will be, subsequently, issued by a Portuguese educational institution.


Confirmation of entrance exams which may be submitted for application to the university.

Students who opt for the second phase of entrance exams are only able to apply in the second phase (early August), there being fewer place available.


The Certificate of Equivalency and the form for entering university are issued by a Portuguese school, after the announcment of scores from the first phase of entrance exams.

Students who opt for entrance exams in place of BAC scores will also have a document called an “ENES card”, which will be delivered by the same school.

The application/final enrollment for entering the chosen universities should be done on line.  Students should go to the rector’s office of the University of Porto, next to the Office of Access to Higher Education (GAES), in order to request a password to complete the application on line.


Early July

Results > Consult “Placements” for 2013-2014 (with information about the score of the last student accepted, number of places available, etc.)

Observations :

Private universities follow, as a rule, the same admission criteria as the public universities. Sometimes, it is possible to obtain a scholarship.

Calculation of Final Score

Cálculo da nota final

See also

cidade das profissõesmundo das profissões

The Baccalaureate is the first diploma of French higher education.   Any student holding the Baccalaureate can enroll in any French university of his or her choice.

Choose french education after baccalaureate

Parcours Sup

Parcours Sup is the national portal, created by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, (French), which coordinates the first admissions to the first cycle of French higher education for students in the 12th year or persons holding a Baccalaureate.

Starting from this site it is possible to:

  •     learn about the training which is part of the process;
  •     search possible information which may be of interest;
  •     obtain information about the educational institutions (links to the Ministry site);
  •     simulate possible paths for studies in higher education;
  •     consult the relevant file.

This process unfolds in four main stages:

  •     application through the internet;
  •     assembling and sending the admission materials in paper;
  •     guidance through the phases of admission;
  •     enrollment in an institution of higher education, with respect to the areas specified.

logo parcours sup.jpg

Parcours Sup

Presentation Parcours Sup

Steps in the admission process em 2018-2018

Calendar Parcours Sup 2019

Terminales prepar your orientation

Access to higher education in France:

The choice of our students who complete the Baccalaureate





Study in France After the Baccalaureate

Mes services étudiant

 "Study in France After the Baccalaureate" is a document for the students of the Lycées Francaises, as well as their parents.  It is published by AEFE in conjunction with Campus France. 



Information :

universités French University System
List of Universities
classes prepa Presentation
prepa ingenieurs École d'Ingénieurs
Fnion IUT.gif Presentation
Fnion autres.gif Institut d'Études Politiques
Information aimablement fournie par LFValence

Preparation Tests for the Competition

The Cost of Studies in France

Day to Day Expenses

Finding Housing

Financial Assistance

The majority of our students enter Higher Education in France and Portugal.  Currently around 10% continue their studies in other countries (Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Holland...)

The LFIP follows their progress and keeps in contact with alumni who make the same choices.

We also take advantage of the AEFE network and the AGORA platform.

Contacts for more information