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School Cafeteria

Good food is essential for all of us, and “to eat well” is part of the French culture.
For this reason, we work carefully to ensure everyone can find a variety of well-balanced meals in the cafeteria, which will contribute to everyone’s well being.
The menus are planned by the Cafeteria Committee (comprised of members of the Directorship of the school, representatives of students and parents, the school nurse and doctor, a nutritionist and employees of LFIP) together with the EUREST organisation, who are responsible for making the meals served in the cafeteria.
Throughout the year, the menus vary according to the season of the year and the one-off events which are held at the LFIP:  the Taste Week, the Green Week and special days (St. Martin’s Day, Christmas, England Day, Chinese New Year...).


Minutes of the meetings of the Commission Restoration (PT)