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President's Message

In the heart of the city of Porto, next to the Serralves Museum, adjacent to the City Park and near the ocean, the LFIP benefits from an exceptional location. The property of the Association Marius Latour offers to those who study and work there a natural, harmonious and serene environment. It is under these remarkable conditions that our students learn, develop their skills and expand.

The LFIP - Lycée Français International de Porto - is one of the most well-known members of the AEFE abroad. Its renown is due not only to the exceptional conditions it offers, but also to the general spirit it creates and the excellence of the results obtained.These results make us proud, and we owe them mostly to the dedication and professionalism of all the staff at LFIP. 

The LFIP is linked to the French government through the AEFE and offers a full learning path, with full approval of all teaching levels, from pre-school (from 3 years – the Maternelle) to the end of secondary school. Since it is a French educational institution, the LFIP adopts and applies the educational aims and the fundamental principles of public secular education in France. 

The diversity of opinions, beliefs, languages, and nationalities is accepted in a climate of tolerance, listening and mutual respect. The School is also recognised by the Portuguese authorities, something that allows our students to move to the Portuguese educational system at any time, if they wish. 

The Board of Directors of the Marius Latour Association is the executive body which holds the financial and legal responsibility for the school. It creates a budget and is committed to ensuring a sound and balanced financial management, with the aim of improving the facilities and work tools necessary for students’ learning at the LFIP.
The Board of Directors works closely with LFIP’s educational management: the Director, the Primary School Director and the Managing Director. It implements the necessary resources to meet the ever-growing demands regarding schooling, with the constant goal of ensuring the quality of intake and of technical educational methods.

For more than 40 years, the Board of Directors of the Marius Latour Association has been chaired by Mr. Serge Leblanc. It was thanks to his vision and his extraordinary commitment that LFIP became what we know today. Mr. Leblanc was not only the architect of this unique space, but also the person behind the spirit of excellence and solidarity, which is still alive today. My ambition and that of the Board of Directors, which still includes Mr. Serge Leblanc as a full member, is clearly to continue his project, taking advantage of the exceptional legacy he has given us.

Our priority will always be to give our students the best possible conditions, so that they can study, grow, and build a prosperous future. 
Our reward is to see them obtain excellent results and understand that they are happy to be part of a unique school, which will give them unforgettable memories.

President of Marius Latour Association