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Corporate Partnerships

Would you be interested in working with or for young people?  Would you like to have direct contact with future employees or potential clients?

At the Lycée Français International de Porto we have established a system of partnerships which aim to foster contact between businesses and our students, in various situations and for the future.

We organise research projects, visit the production centres and offer to those interested the opportunity to share their insight to the professional activity which they undertake with a curious and interested audience.

In this way, we hope that our students will get to know firms in metropolitan Porto and the surrounding area, which share our educational values and would be available to collaborate with us.

What are the advantages which we offer?

  • Gain greater prominence and visibility with a public of students with great potential;
  • Work closely with a scholastic institution, which is governed by ethical principles, in order to develop projects likely to interest this young audience;
  • Start an innovative partnership, of shared knowledge and experience. 

How can you help us?

  • Thanks to your help, we will have access to various firms (insight into businesses, observation internships...)
  • Thanks to your help, the students of the LFIP will have the opportunity to converse with various professionals from the economic sector (Professions Forum, shark tank, lunch talks...)
  • Thanks to your help, experts will come to share their professional passions, and will be able to inspire the students of the LFIP (simulated job interviews, citizenship education, path of professional orientation...)
  • Thanks to your help and generosity (patronage), several events at the LFIP will have even greater visibility (Professions Forum, citizenship activities, sports tournaments, conferences...)

If you would be interested in establishing a partnership with our school, we would appreciate if you would contact Sandrine Remelgado ( and give her your direct contact details for future communications.