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Baccalaureate European Section - English


The European Section has three objectives:

  • Allows the students to improve their competence in the English language.
  • Gaining new competencies through learning a non-linguistic discipline (SVT – Life and Earth Sciences / SES-Economic and Social Sciences) in English.
  • Opening up to the world, to intercultural dialogue and best preparing oneself for mobility.
  • The Baccalaureate diploma awarded to candidates, besides referencing the area of ES (Economic and Social) or S (Sciences) in which the student has trained, will also make reference to the European Section in English.
  • Joins the rigour of the French Baccalaureate and the supplementary disciplines in English.
  • Allows the validation, in parallel, of a certificate of level B2 or C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • Adds value to the CV, it can make the difference during the review of the student’s file for post-Bac admission. 
  • Students should have a solid base and good level of English; the will to deepen their command of the language and knowledge of the diverse cultures of Anglo-Saxon countries.
  • It is also fundamental that the students be interested in the life sciences, since they will work a part of the French SVT or SES program (Life and Earth Sciences) in English.
  • They should be motivated, ready to take on a greater work load and demonstrate interest in questions of current events.
Organisation of Education
  • Specifically, beginning in the 10th year, students follow the same academic path as their colleagues in the same level, and benefit from additional hours of English and SVT or SES in English (in other words, a total of 6 ½ hours in the English language, per week).
  • Students in the 12th year complete:
    • On one hand, the obligatory exams which correspond to the area in which they are enrolled.
    • On the other hand, an exam specifically about the SVT or SES program (an oral exam in English).
  • Two conditions are necessary to obtain a distinction in the European section of the baccalaureate diploma:
    • Obtain a mark equal to or greater than 12/20 in the exam of the 1st group of living language, which occurs in the English language program of the section;
    • Obtain a mark equal to or greater than 10/20 in the specific exam of SVT or SES in English.  This specific evaluation encompasses equally an evaluation of the 12th year (20%) and a test which is supplementary to the year end final exam (80%).
Conditions of access
  • In the first place, while the student is in the 9th or 10th year (end of January), the application file should be delivered to the Senior School (end of March).
  • Secondly, the student should take oral and written exams in May.
  • Finally, the Senior School will make a decision taking into account the student’s file and the exam results, subject to a decision to change the following year.

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