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Photovoltaic power plant

Production records

Our commitment to photovoltaics

In September 2019, the Board of Directors of the Associação Marius Latour (Marius Latour Association), which manages LFIP together with the school’s Board, signed a cooperation agreement with the French company Voltalia (with head-office in Porto).
This contract allowed the set-up, on the roof of the secondary school, of a plant with 246 photovoltaic panels which, since July 2020, generates 100 kWh (on the best seasons), equivalent to the energy of 100 micro-wave ovens.
This project, which is profitable for both companies, had no cost for the school since Voltalia offered the solar panels and their set-up in exchange of 50% of the value of the energy savings achieved, for 8 years (taken from the energy production which we give them). After that period, the electricity which is not used (mainly during the holidays) will be sold to the manager of the public electric energy network.
Between July 2020 (when the project was launched) and January 2021 (bearing in mind the weather and the holiday period), we reached a general saving of 37% in our electricity invoices (i.e., +/- € 10,000) and of 33% in our public network use.
This saving is important for a non-profitable organisation like ours; it will be reinvested in buying teaching resources for our students.
This action covers the following SDG:

  • 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13: Climate Action
  • 17: Partnerships

The production plant