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First Time Inscription

Procedure for the 1st inscription of a new student 

Since the inscription is accepted taking into account the number of available vacancies, the completion of the first insription form does not imply the student’s admission to the school.

Before starting the procedure of the first inscription of a new student, we recommend the careful reading of the information presented below and the obtention of the documents necessary for the completion of the file.

There are three stages on the inscription procedure of a new student

1.    Parents complete and send the first part of the file’s information on Eduka;
2.    The Serviço de Admissões follows up the file and keeps the parents informed: the inscription may proceed or the inscription request is put on a waiting list;
3.    It is only after the completion of the second part of the file’s information and the payment of the inscription, communicated within the period defined by the Serviço de Admissões (Admission Service), that the insription is confirmed. 

You may follow the progress of the file through the EDUKA portal.

Information about the completion of the form

  • The interface presents several icons. The completion of each field marked with a red bar is compulsory for the definite validation of the form’s submission.
  • At any time, you may interrupt and/or resume the completion of the form, by clicking on the “guardar” (save) button (at the bottom of the page).
  • Please bear in mind: in order to validate and submit the file, you must click on the «Enviar o dossiê de inscrição» (Submit inscription file) button (at the top of the page).
  • If you have any problem during the file’s completion, please contact the Serviço de Admissões (Admission Service) by phone (00 351) 226 153 030 or by e-mail:
  • During the inscripiton process, we will request your consent regarding several aspects of our Política de privacidade (Privacy policy)    

Data that must be presented during the inscription procedure

  • Number of the relevant ID document and respective due date;
  • VAT registration number (NIF)of the student and of his/her parents
  • Data and VAT registration number **of the paying entity (if the payment is not made by the parents);
  • NIB (Bank identification number) for direct debit;
  • File (PDF or JPG) with the student’s ID document (with photo);
  • File with the vaccination record;
  • File with the VAT registration number of the student and of his/her parents;
  • Customised help project (if any).

** Obtaining a VAT  registration number is compulsory for all families in Portugal.
You may obtain it on the nearest consulate for your country in Portugal or next time you come to Porto. 
You may communicate your VAT registration number at any time through the Serviço de Admissões (Admission Service) at; it will include the information on your EDUKA file.