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Overview of the Lycée (version 2021)

Created in 1808, the Baccalaureate is a diploma from the French educational system, which has a double distinction of certifying the conclusion of secondary education and of making possible access to further education. It is treated as the first university degree.

The reform of the «baccalauréat» fulfils four goals

  • It simplifies the examination process which had become to complex. From 2021 onwards, students will take only one exam on the 11th grade (French) and four exams on the 12th grade, because the evaluation for some subjects will be ongoing;
  • It allows students to make choices in order to be successful at Higher Education level;
  • It allows the appreciation of the students’ work, since it takes into consideration the schooling on the 11th and 12th grades;
  • It allows a more effective monitoring of the students during the definition of their orientation project.

Programs of the Lycée