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First Time Enrollment

Information About First Time Enrolment

Use  this link for opening an enrolment (non-contractual) or simply for receiving more information about our school.

  • Filling out the form does not confirm enrolment.  Enrolments are accepted based on the number of openings available.
  • ATTENTION : do not forget to fill in all the REQUIRED fields.  After filling out the form, the following message will appear : "Your request has been received". We will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.  
  • Once you have completed the pre-enrolment, you will be contacted by the secretary to the Director (, to follow up on your request.
  • If you have any doubts or questions about completing the form, we would appreciate your contacting the secretary to the Director, by phone ((00 351) 226 153 030) or email .
  • This information is for the exclusive use of the LFIP and will not be shared with third parties, nor used for commercial purposes.  Rights of access, removal and modification are guaranteed via email to .