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School year 2019-2020

Registration and Renewal

The registration and renewal includes school books and security


  • 674,00€ (Exemption of 25% for PS if registration is finalized before 28/02)


  • Until 28/02/2019   : 430,00 €
  • From 01/03/2019 : 480,00€
Tuition for the School Year 2017-2018
School Level Annual (payment   
before 30/06/19)    
Quarterly (x 3) Monthly (x10)      Monthly (x11)     
Maternelle € 4494 € 1545x3 € 485x10 € 441x11
Primaire € 4291 € 1475x3 € 463x10 € 421x11
Collège € 4755 € 1635x3 € 513x10 € 466x11
Lycée € 5217 € 1793x3 € 564x10 € 512x11
School Transportation



  1 trip/day 2 trips/day
Zone A < 5 Km 48€
Zone B 5 Km > < 10 Km 49,90€ 72€
Zone C 10 Km > < 15 Km 89,90€ 131€
Zone D 15 Km > < 30 Km 109,90€ 141€
Zone E > 30 Km 199€
Pre-School Primary/Junior/Senior
Monthly fixed 5 days € 88,00 Monthly fixed 5 days € 92,00
Monthly fixed 4 days € 72,00 Monthly fixed 4 days € 74,00
Monthly fixed 3 days € 55,00 Monthly fixed 3 days € 61,00
Monthly fixed 2 days € 38,00 Monthly fixed 2 days € 42,00
Monthly fixed 1 days € 19,50 Monthly fixed 1 days € 21,00
Occasional meal €  6,40 Occasional meal €   6,40


After School Care
  • From 17:30 until 19:00, €30/month will apply, for 10 months.  
  • To use the after-school care services on an occasional basis, please contact the Secretary.
Administrative Regulations

1 Enrolment

Renewals of enrolment in the LFIP, for a new educational year, should be made by the 31st of March of the current year.
When making the enrolment, the parent must present the information requested, using our platform, and must make the payment of the enrolment fees.

2. Cancellation of enrolment

In case of the cancellation of enrolment, the parent does not have the right of refund of these fees.

3. Payment Due Dates (cf. Current Fees)

Monthly payments must be made in advance until the 10th of the relevant month using the "Multibanco" payment option.

Quarterly payments hould be made by the following dates:

  • First quarter by the 30th of September
  • Second quarter by the 31st of January
  • Third quarter by the 30th of April.

In the event these deadlines are not met or the direct debit is rejected, quarterly payments will be automatically converted to monthly payments over 10 months. 

The parent can choose from :

  • annual payment, which should be paid before the last business day of the month of June of the current school year,
  • monthly payment of 10 or 11 monthly installments, from September to June or July.  In this case, this should be explicitly indicated during the matriculation process.  The monthly instalment is payable in advance up to the 10th day of the relevant month.

After choosing a payment method, it will not be possible to change it during the current school year.

4. Discounts in Tuition Fees

Families which enrol more than one child enjoy the following discounts:

The discounts will be applied to the tuition fees of the children in the lower grades of education.

  • 10% for the second child
  • 20% for the third child
  • 40% for each of the following children.

5. Payments for Services

a) The optional services (cafeteria, transportation and extracurricular activities) are paid according to the terms described above for the payment of tuition fees.
b) Other services (subscriptions, photographs, trips with accomodations) are paid at the time they are incurred.

Regarding optional school trips, the Directors can refuse enrolment in these if the tuition payments are not up to date.

6. Extracurricular Activities

The first month’s payment is added to the final monthly instalment in the month of June.  This will not be returned in case of an interruption of activities during the school year.

7. Late Payments

All late payments will be increased by 5%.  Any delay in payment prior to the start of the following school year, will prevent the re-enrolment of the student and, therefore, his or her inclusion in the class list of students in September.

8. Withdrawal

In the case of withdrawal after the start of school activities, under no circumstances will sums already paid be returned and it is obligatory to pay all the fees relative to the period begun. 

9. Reduction of Payments Due to Absence

There will not be any reduction or discount in payments for absences or for not using the services, regardless of the reason.

10. Special Discounts

  • Schooling: any semester already begun must be paid in full.  However, a discount can be made in case of unforeseen circumstances, through a written request. 
  • Cafeteria and Transportation: a temporary absence of more than 15 consecutive days due to illness, not including school holidays, can merit a refund.  For this, it will be necessary to submit a written request accompanied by a medical certificate.

In accepting the financial regulations, the parents express their agreement with the established regulations, and may not, subsequently, express any disagreement or lack of knowledge of same.