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Message from Director

The LFIP (Lycée Français International de Porto), situated in an exceptional, spacious, woodland location adjacent to the Parque de Serralves, has not stopped growing since 1963 and is currently attended by more than 1213 students between 3 and 18 years of age.

The LFIP is part of the world-wide network of AEFE, the Agency for French Education Abroad.  The AEFE offers the same education across 496 educational institutions in 137 countries, thus facilitating the mobility of the 355,000 students who attend our schools.  The system provides an education in French which scrupulously respects the French government programs in a multi-lingual and international context where the students learn 4 languages.

At the LFIP we work alongside the students to progressively develop not only their intellectual capacities (savoir) but their competence to determine their own path in life (savoir-faire), and to be open-minded citizens of the world (savoir-etre).  At the LFIP, we promote the person over the student, so that each student can develop their own capacities within a natural and multi-cultural context, and feel respected and contented.

In this way we work to develop students, future professionals, who are self-reliant and prepared to enter into a professional world which increasingly ignores boundaries and needs citizens with the ability to move and adapt to any situation.

The student, who is at the centre of the teaching-learning process, is led to pursue and enrich his or her path of citizenship, culture and professional orientation towards the attainment of the baccalaureate.

After receiving the baccalaureate, each student of LFIP is of course prepared to enter into higher education in Portugal, France or any other country.

The students create with us the project of their life, which leads us to state with conviction that the Lycée Français International de Porto is more than a school… it is a future.